Thursday, January 14, 2010

Neglegent Blogger...

Well, I must ask all 2 of you that occasionally read my blog to forgive me for my absence for a bit...  I have been fighting off illness since before Christmas...  finally went to an ear/nose/throat specialist today...  found out I have eustachian tube dysfunction....  always exciting...  and so you don't have to google it, my eustachian tubes in my ears don't "POP"....  meaning they don't release the pressure in my ears...  ever.... ugh... but it explains why I feel like I have fluid in my ears CONSTANTLY...  so I'm not crazy after all.....  ok ok...  I might still be crazy...  just this time I wasn't imagining the problem!!!!  Also, I am having to take more meds for the sinus infections that keep recurring and then afterward, I have to have a CT scan of my sinuses, etc....  and if it's not gone, discuss "other options" (code for sinus surgery....)  So again, I promise to be a better blogger in the very near future... meaning tomorrow...  *HUGS*... Jacki

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Blog Award!!!

I received my very first blog award this week!!!  I am so very excited....  and it came from a most wonderful person...  In 2009, I discovered the wonderful site that is  but more than all the wonderful books I have found there, I have found some beautiful friends...  a couple of which happen to live in Georgia, so hopefully in the not too distant future, they will become even more special to me!!!  One of these lovely ladies is Lori S.  (sugarandgrits for those of you that might know her as such...)  You can visit her beautiful blog at  I highly recommend it, as she introduced me to the wonderful world that is blogging...  and it is from her that I received my first lovely blog award...  very fitting I think....

It means the world to me to know that at least a few people are viewing my thoughts!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Review of 2009 Reading.....

I have decided that I want to tally up all the reading I have done this year...  and post it here on my blog!!!  Before 2009, I had not done very much "leisure" reading....  I read mostly non-fiction, and it wasn't on a regular basis...  I must say that getting a large gift card for Christmas in 2008 from my mothers-in-law really changed that...  I decided to order some fiction books...  just some simple cutesy stuff...  Books 1-3 of The Princess Diaries Series and then Twilight since I had just heard so much of the hype....  well that turned my world upside down as I quickly became addicted once again to the world of reading I LOVED as a child and teen... 

2009 Statistics...

Total Books Read:  86
Books Started but not finished:  2  (Uglies by Scott Westerfeld  and Waiter Rant by Steve Dublanica)
Total Number of Pages Read:  28,089

Of course none of this takes into account the pages read to Brady Kyan and the number of books read to him!!!  Nor does it count time spent reading The Bible which I am proud to say I did more this year than in a long while, along with other books to help understand various parts of The Bible...  I also hope to increase this time spent reading The Bible in 2010...

One of my Christmas gifts from Jason was a book journal which I plan to fill this year!!! 

Happy Reading in 2010...  and feel free to post your 2009 stats in your comment!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Courtesy of Janet at Friday Fill Ins...

1. Last night I had a lovely dinner out with Jason at The Melting Pot.
2. I want another baby this year.
3. The funniest thing last night was watching the Vols get a beat down from VA TECH.
4. where do we go from here?
5. He said I love you; she said I love you, too.
6. Love is real and it's up to us to find it.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to The Sugar Bowl (Go Gators!!!), tomorrow my plans include Northlake Mall and Sunday, I want to get the house organized again!